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Rociel Spanked Me

Lovers Confess (Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!)

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Hot Headed Deformed Angels and Demons Battle it out in the War of Our Time.

Rociel gave birth to Katan only for him to be attacked by savages. Katan feels it's his destiny to protect Rociel from people who abuse him for having a baby when he's a man. "My father's not a woman!" Katan's life has been brought down around him while Rociel keeps luring in all these random vampires who insist he really is a girl...

Will Katan ever save his masters status?

Apparently not as Rociel cheats on Katan, enslaving the vampire creatures with his feminine hips. Lestat de Lioncourt is the first to be victimized by Rociel's supreme spanking. But was Lestat really all that loyal to begin with? Turns out Lestat was cheating on his husband, Nicolas de Lenfent with Louis de Pointe... The truth is revealed when Lestat and Nicolas's children, Mana and Skye secretly tell Louis! As Rociel spanks them all in many different ways and forms Katan decides he's leaving!!

Katan: I'm leaving you.. Rociel..
Rociel: But..but.. Katan *brushes away tears, flustered* I'm...I'm...
Katan: No matter what you say, I'm leaving.
Rociel: I'm having your baby!
Katan: *rushes to Roc's side* Let's start a a family!

And so things are looking up for Rociel and Katan but the Vampires are going crazy. Still with the spanking imprints left on them they force themselves to wonder who's sleeping with who and if that Rociel really is a woman. And who are all these new people walking into the scene?

Alexiel: The way Rociel dresses is just so.. frumpy.

Rociel's sanity has been pushed off the charts as his sister can't stand his fashion sense! Will Rociel's fashion ever please his rival twin sister? And what of the child?

“My brother is my father."

And what of Lestat and the other vampires? After the high dosages of Rociel's shape shifting, setting up and confusion he's left... which one of them is out for blood? Will Nicolas use the power he has to kill Louis de Pointe, try to gain his sense of trust or will he obey Rociel and help him with his quest of becoming the most fashionable person in the universe? Will Lestat cheat on him again? Does Louis like fruit cakes?

Find out on the next Jerry Springer Show as it tackles real-life topics featuring its signature edgy guests and outrageous Springer-style relationships. (to be a part of our audience simply click on the community! Punch and pie!)


This site was founded by a silly conversation ashmodai aka that fruit bad Lestat xx_lelio_xx and I sceleratus aka rocielinorganic had one silly day XD. Stat man's a genious when it comes to this! If you need any help with what to post, ask him... i always do XD

And finatical issues about posting... "post a new comment" if you're introducing a character to the stage and "reply" if you're continueing. Saves the boxes getting really small and running away to the side of the screen. Also it's best if it runs in a running order, e.g no commenting to the first comment after 10 others have been made unless it suits the situation somehow... unless there are like 10 fights going on at the same time XD.

Anyhow.. happy Springering!