vampyric_tears (vampyric_tears) wrote in spankedbyrociel,

grotesque images

what curls within itself, huddled with in the darkness of its own blackened soul.
black skin, glints in the moon light as it shifts stretching out cramped limbs, dried blood flaking off and falling so gracefully to the ground.
the being screamed streaching and distorting its body to the cries that echo off the ever closing walls.
it stands now, magnificent in its imposing hight and power that radiates across the room as it smells the fear of the small boy huddled against the wall, quiet in his fear, breath caught in his throat as he watches the being advance on him hungerly.
the being gnashes its teeth once then howls to the lost moon, once open to it now invisible, then feeds gaining strength needed for what he was kept for...
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