Damien Terra Fina (cherub_katan) wrote in spankedbyrociel,
Damien Terra Fina

"My son is my brother and my father is my lover."

* camera sweeps over the audience, all clapping and screaming "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" Big, bright, bubbly words appear on the screen displaying the title of todays show, " My brother is my son, and my father is my lover." before clearing and Jerry walks out calmly from backstage holding a microphone and cue cards.*

* Jerry * Todays show features a heartbreaking story of a man whos father is his lover and whos son is his... brother."

* audience* awww

*Jerry* So, lets bring out our first guest today, Katan.

* audience claps and out walks Katan clad in his normal blue "soldier like" suit.*

*Jerry* "Katan... thank you for being here today. Lets hear your story."

*Katan* "Thank you, Jerry. For the last few years I've been seeing my father, Rociel. Now, Jer, I love him, I really do. But his constant cheating with the vampires and his insanity are just driving me over the edge. Now we have this kid who is my brother and he wont listen to me at all. He thinks of me as only his brother and not his father and does what he pleases. Rociel just wont control him and I have my doubts that the kid is even mine. I mean, *sigh* it's drove me to drinkin'!"

* Audience* "gasp! boo!"

* Jerry * "shh, let him finish. Katan, what are you here to tell your father and lover, Rociel, today?"

*Katan sighs and bites his bottom lip before finally looking up and answering* "I'm here to tell him unless the kid is really mine, I'm leaving him."

* Audience claps and a few "JERRY JERRY JERRY"'s are heard.*

*Jerry* "Alright, Katan. Are you ready for this?"

* Katan nods*

*Jerry* "Well,then, lets bring out our next guest Rociel!"

*Audience claps*
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