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[20 Sep 2005|12:07am]

* Katan sits on stage by himself and clears his throat *

"Is the show over?" He asks, looking around.
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grotesque images [28 Jun 2004|02:55pm]

what curls within itself, huddled with in the darkness of its own blackened soul.
black skin, glints in the moon light as it shifts stretching out cramped limbs, dried blood flaking off and falling so gracefully to the ground.
the being screamed streaching and distorting its body to the cries that echo off the ever closing walls.
it stands now, magnificent in its imposing hight and power that radiates across the room as it smells the fear of the small boy huddled against the wall, quiet in his fear, breath caught in his throat as he watches the being advance on him hungerly.
the being gnashes its teeth once then howls to the lost moon, once open to it now invisible, then feeds gaining strength needed for what he was kept for...
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"My son is my brother and my father is my lover." [23 Jun 2004|05:18am]

* camera sweeps over the audience, all clapping and screaming "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" Big, bright, bubbly words appear on the screen displaying the title of todays show, " My brother is my son, and my father is my lover." before clearing and Jerry walks out calmly from backstage holding a microphone and cue cards.*

* Jerry * Todays show features a heartbreaking story of a man whos father is his lover and whos son is his... brother."

* audience* awww

*Jerry* So, lets bring out our first guest today, Katan.

* audience claps and out walks Katan clad in his normal blue "soldier like" suit.*

*Jerry* "Katan... thank you for being here today. Lets hear your story."

*Katan* "Thank you, Jerry. For the last few years I've been seeing my father, Rociel. Now, Jer, I love him, I really do. But his constant cheating with the vampires and his insanity are just driving me over the edge. Now we have this kid who is my brother and he wont listen to me at all. He thinks of me as only his brother and not his father and does what he pleases. Rociel just wont control him and I have my doubts that the kid is even mine. I mean, *sigh* it's drove me to drinkin'!"

* Audience* "gasp! boo!"

* Jerry * "shh, let him finish. Katan, what are you here to tell your father and lover, Rociel, today?"

*Katan sighs and bites his bottom lip before finally looking up and answering* "I'm here to tell him unless the kid is really mine, I'm leaving him."

* Audience claps and a few "JERRY JERRY JERRY"'s are heard.*

*Jerry* "Alright, Katan. Are you ready for this?"

* Katan nods*

*Jerry* "Well,then, lets bring out our next guest Rociel!"

*Audience claps*
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[21 Jun 2004|09:42pm]

--It's the Jerry Springer show. The seats in the audience are full and all are attentive, as Jerry Springer, in his customary attire of a black suit, and glasses, walks through the aisles of the audience holding a card with the show's logo and a microphone. The audience listens as the camera zooms in and Jerry begins to speak.--

Jerry: Lies, betrayal, and incest are all only part of today's show. In fact, today's topic is.. I slept with your sister!


Jerry: -smiles and nods as he waits for the audience to calm.- Our first guest's name is Lestat. He says he slept with his friend Rociel's sister in Rociel's own truck! Lestat..?

Lestat: -smirks arrogantly as he crosses and recrosses his legs, as usual, he's decked out in Versace and various other labels, flipping back his blonde hair as he meets Jerry's eyes.- Well... that's right, 'Jer. I slept with her...

Audience: -interrupting- BOOOOOOOOOO...

Lestat: -clears his throat- But she practically begged me, you must understand, Jerry. She was even crying, because she wanted me so badly. It would have been a sin if I refused. I can't bear to see such a beautiful woman cry.

Jerry: And you think that her brother will be upset about this news?

Lestat: But of course, mon ami. He's so possessive over his sister, it's unhealthy! She's a grown woman and needs to live her own life!

Jerry: Well, let's see what Rociel has to say about this, because he's here and has heard all of this backstage. Come on out, Rociel!

Audience: -cheers-
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[19 Jun 2004|11:37pm]

6/10/2004 "Classic Springer: Wife Discovers Husband’s Secret Family!"
Classic Springer is back! Jerry revisits this classic episode from October of ’97 where we join Katan in a very controversial and complicated story. Katan and Rociel started their relationship years previous and he left 'him' when he was pregnant with their child. We then meet Katan’s wife, Mad Hatter, to whom he has been married for 7 years. But unbeknownst to Maddie, Katan has been continuing his relationship with Rociel and has a total of 3 children by 'him'. To complicate matters, Katan and Mad Hatter are first cousins! See this Classic Springer story unfold once again!

6/14/2004 "Crazy Love Confessions!"
It doesn’t look good for Lucifer! His wife of 20 years, Alexiel, left him 5 months ago and has been living with an “old flame!” This husband and wife face off but there doesn’t appear to be much to save. Matters worsen for Lucifer when Alexiel's lover defends her and she insists their marriage is over! Next… Lestat has cheated on his husband quiet a few times. And now that he’s taken him back, he knows he must confess his most recent betrayal... He’s been sleeping with her husband’s friend! He says he drove him to it since he treats him badly, but after he vows to remain faithful they decide to stay together! (Taped on September 30, 2003 at 3pm)

6/22/2004 "Liar!"
Rociel has a secret to reveal to his boyfriend, Katan. He will tell him that he is really a she and hopes Katan can still love him! Then… Skye strayed and not with a stranger! She’s been sleeping with her God-sister and now has to come clean to her girlfriend, Sybelle. After much pleading Sybelle might just take him back, but her God-sister is out for good! Next… Mana’s boyfriend, Armand, is not completely in the dark. He knows that Armand is a transsexual, but he does not know that he’s been prostituting! Later.. Mona and Pandora became lesbian lovers while in jail, but now they’re out, things aren’t so good. Mona will reveal to Pandora that they are over and that she’s been sleeping with Mona’s friend!

6/24/2004 "Busted!"
Nicolas is fuming! He is here to confront his husband, Lestat's, ex-mistress, Louis, for continuing to butt into their lives… even contending that their baby is Lestat's. Nicolas only gets angrier when Lestat confirms that he and Louis have slept together recently. And even though Louis says he loves Lestat and wants to be with him, he has to come clean about his wandering ways… he’s been sleeping with his cousin, Armand! To make matters worse for everyone, Armand, the cousin, reveals to all, including his boyfriend, that he slept with Lestat once to prove that he is no good for Louis! Will any one relationship survive the mayhem?

6/25/2004 "I'm Sleeping With Three Sisters!"
Rociel will find out some shocking news today. His sister, Alexiel, has been sleeping with his boyfriend, Katan! But the betrayal deepens and both Rociel and Alexiel are out of the picture… Katan is going home with their other sister! Next… Nicolas separated from his husband but they have still been sleeping together and now he wants him back. But first he’ll have to get rid of his new lover and he plans to do that today! Later… Armand has been living a double life and now he’s ready to come clean. He’ll tell his boyfriend of a year and half that he’s leaving him for his other boyfriend whom he’s been with for almost a year!

Here are some I edited. I would do more but I'm a bit tired right now. =)
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